Everything You Need To Know About Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Everything You Need To Know About Technical SEO Audit A technical SEO audit tool evaluates your website’s SEO performance.. It can help identify any SEO issue affecting your traffic, search engine rankings and user experience. Your tech team can use various methods to conduct a full-fledged audit, including 301Moved Pixels analysis, indexing tools and web […]

22 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 2022

WordPress Site

22 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Site in 2022 How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site If you’re looking to speed up your WordPress site, there are a few things you can do. 1. Run performance tests. First, you should run performance tests to determine where your site spends the most time. This […]

How to Add a Favicon to Your Website


How to Add a Favicon to Your Website Source: Harbour Studios When creating or developing a website, the term favicon might come up. What does it mean? A website’s content is skimmed by users rather than read. The visual communication of business concepts and identities is therefore imperative for businesses. Users can identify websites at […]

What Size Should a Favicon be


What Size Should a Favicon Be Source: The New Code When you open an Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser tab, do you ever notice the site icon at the top? What if you saved a shortcut to an online page or website? Favicons, or tiny images, are specifically designed for that purpose. One little […]

How to use an audit for SEO

Audit for SEO

The Right Way To Use SEO Audits Source: The Balance Small Business Auditing is a staple for any company wishing to improve their search engine optimization – this much is common knowledge. Websites like Serpwizz can help you perform the audits and streamline, making the process as efficient as possible.  However, this is only useful […]

SEO Audit Explained

SEO Audit explained

What is a website? SEO Audit Explained If you have been in the online world for a while, then there are many terms and phrases that I’m sure you would have heard of, and one of the most prominent ones is most likely SEO website audits. Heavy emphasis is usually put on its importance, and […]

Ranking The Different SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Ranking Different SEO Tools Tools are created for efficiency.  To use our energy efficiently, to build efficiently, to convey information efficiently etc. And this applies to SEO tools as well. Is it impossible to build a website without SEO tools? No – but it is impossible to build an efficient website without the following tools. […]

SEO Audit Services

SEO audit service

Is Your SEO Up To Scratch? Why You Need To Do An SEO Audit SEO and marketing tactics constantly evolve, with trends rising and falling in the blink of an eye. As a result, any company worth its salt is always upgrading and adapting to the ever-changing landscape, and this is exactly why every company […]

What Is Landscape Analysis?

What is landscape analysis

Landscape Analysis Explained You may have reached what feels like a stagnant point in your SEO growth or maybe you are doing research now to prevent that. Either way, there could be many reasons for a lack of growth and a landscape analysis could help you pinpoint why. Read this guide for a comprehensive guide […]

SEO audit prices

SEO audit prices

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost? Source: unsplash.com Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of today’s leading topics in the world of digital marketing. With the ever-rising importance of SEO, audit prices have become more competitive in the market. The price of good SEO has significantly varied over the years. The benchmark for good […]