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It’s a Valuable Marketing Tactic

Think of it this way: your title tag is the book title and your meta description is the ‘blurb’ or synopsis of your book. It’s what gets a potential customer drawn to actually opening the book and deciding to read it.

A well-optimised meta description can be the difference between a user clicking on your website or scrolling to their next option.

A meta description should be persuasive to reel people in. It’s not simply a collection of words for SEO, it’s meant to grab their attention.

Increase Your Click-Through Rate & Generate More Traffic

You want clicks on your website. That’s why you’re here!

Creating strong, persuasive, and well-optimised meta descriptions could help you get more clicks on your website. It’s a powerful SEO tool because people decide what to click on based on the title tags, and meta descriptions.

Do your descriptions make users think twice about scrolling past? If not, then maybe you should consider optimising your meta descriptions using SERPWizz!

Meta Descriptions Act as Organic Ad Texts

When you launch ad campaigns on Google and other search engines, your meta description is a key element. 

Generally speaking, your meta description is often used to give a summary of your page whenever someone sees your ads. Since it is used to summarise what your page is about, and what users can expect, then it should properly represent what your goals are.

If the meta descriptions are written well and are highly optimised, then your ad campaigns will be more effective!

In just two easy steps, you can learn more about your meta descriptions and how they can be improved.

The tips will also help you create the best possible meta descriptions for your website!

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