Meta Keyword Checker

Meta keywords work behind the scenes to tell search engine bots what your web pages are about.

Use our free keyword checker to analyze your website’s meta keywords in just a few seconds!

Reach the Exact Customers You’re Looking For

Meta keywords make it possible for you to add highly specialized keywords that show the search engine algorithm what your site is about.

When people search for something related to your industry, they can easily find your site because it has the right keywords.

Potential Customers Can Easily Find You

When you choose specific keywords for your site, you can clearly define what you do and make sure that the search engine algorithm is aware of this too.

The meta keywords help you narrow down your niche, and make it easier for your potential customers to find your website.

In just two easy steps, you can learn more about your meta keywords and how they can be improved.

The tips will also help you create the best possible meta keywords for your website!

Meta Tool

Step 1:

Enter your website’s URL for the tool to check your pages.

Step 2: 

Get your instant results with tips/suggestions for improving your meta keywords.

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