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While browsing the SEO audit market, we were frustrated to find a lack of tools that offered top-quality White Label services. Despite the number of amazing SEO tools out there, it seemed none were built specifically with this model in mind.

Founded in 2020, SERPWizz is an auditing tool fresh from the innovative think-tank of award-winning SEO agency creators.

We wanted White Label Reports that allowed agents to bring actual value to customers, assist in solid lead generation, help our clients find fresh prospects and grow their businesses!

SERPWizz offers exceptional White Label Reports which our clients can claim as their own – meaning they can offer their own customers actionable, top-quality audit reports, and get all the credit for it, too!

Additionally, while a lot of auditing tools are great at checking the main SEO points of a website (like Usability, Performance, etc), we wanted a tool that would dig a little deeper, exploring additional features – like Domain Availability, Schema and Speed indexes, to name a few.

Basically, we wanted a tool that could go the extra mile and take our SEO leaps and bounds ahead of the competition! That’s just one of the many reasons we created SERPWizz.



SERPWizz runs checks on over 100 data points – making it the most comprehensive auditing tool around! 

We’ve used our own inner-circle knowledge of the big impact that small features can have on search engine rankings to give SERPWizz users that extra SEO edge. Not only that, but we offer Tooltips for each data point to clue you in on why it matters.

In case this wasn’t enough in the ‘Caring is Sharing’ department, don’t forget the most important service we produce: our highly-customizable White Label Report and Embedded Audit Tools – so that you can pass our expert work off as your own and ‘wow’ your customers!

We didn’t stop there, though. Since we know first-hand just how tough starting a business really is, we also made sure that access to our reports is 100% free – even our most exclusive user plan costs less than the average person’s monthly coffee habit!

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SERPWizz is an audit and White Label tool from SEO experts who want to give your business a major digital leg-up!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to check us out (trust us, you won’t regret it). Feel free to browse our blog of free SEO tricks and tips, run an audit on your webpage, or choose from our range of magical price plans!

At SERPWizz, we know it sometimes pays to sweat the SEO small stuff. And we REALLY want to do it for you!