Embedded audit checker

An embedded object consists of the following: audio files, video files, pictures, movies and more.
These are placed on your web pages. It’s very common for writers to embed a video into their blog post so that it gets users more engaged with the content. 

Enter your website URL for a quick embedded audit!

The term that could come to mind is “linking”. For example, when we reference a video, we copy and paste the URL into our blog. However, when the user clicks on the link, they are diverted from our content. Embedding the file allows the user to stay on our page. It builds customer engagement and loyalty. 

However, we need to keep track of how many embedded audits we have on our pages. Page speed for SEO is so important and unnecessary embedded audits could affect this.

The green tick is what you should look for.

Keep an eye out for the tips/suggestions section and you will be well informed.

Embedded Tool

Step 1: Enter your URL link

Step 2: Results

This image should appear once you have clicked “check”. These results are very quick and show you if your coding is correct, so you know that your links are not broken.

This is really useful if you have a lot of content with a lot of embedded features. Going through each embedded audit can be quite tedious, but copying and pasting our URL’s is a lot quicker.

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