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Create an on-page SEO audit report with white label features on SERPWizz today! Explore the features that keep your site performance and team on track with our SEO audit tool.

Easy-To-Use SEO Tool​

We give you all of the information needed to improve your SEO through the SERPwizz website audit tool.

Professional white label reports

Perfect for SEO agencies that want to create beautiful reports for their clients via a website audit tool.

Embed our audit tool

Easily embed the audit tracking code into your site to connect to our SEO audit tool.

Free SEO tools and widgets​

Lots of free SEO tools and widgets included on our platform with our site audit tool.

A complete audit of your website

All your SEO rank factors in one place. Clear, actionable, prioritised all through our website audit tool.

Add your entire SEO team

Ideal for an individual OR SEO teams who want to collaborate through the use of website auditing tools.

In-depth Website Audit

SERPWizz checks all of the necessary SEO elements of your site to help you improve your rankings through our free website audit tool.

Other SEO Elements

SERPWizz is the perfect SEO Toolkit that includes website auditing tools to take your SEO to the next level – on and off site.

Usability Features

SERPWizz checks all of the necessary usability tools that your site needs to rank well on search engines.

Mobile Elements

Just created a mobile site? Perfect! We can check all the elements of your new mobile site to make sure that your design is user-friendly and error-free.

Tech Stack

We check all of the tools your site uses and your plugins to make sure that everything is working properly.

Backlinks and Rankings

We check all of your ranking information, including a link building and link tracking tool.

Backlinks And Rankings
Embedded Audit Tool

Embedded Audit Tool

Why SERPWizz?

It’s tough to gain the top ranking on Google. 

But SERPWizz can help with that!

Perform a comprehensive analysis of the SEO elements on your website. We measure this across 100 website data points and we provide real recommendations you can act on. 

SERPWizz is perfect for website owners, website designers, and digital agencies!

What we Offer

SERPWizz offers a more comprehensive array of features than any other Website SEO tool around. Not only that, but it’s the quickest audit tool of its kind!

Your free SERPWizz SEO toolkit includes amazing resources such as Meta Tags, Backlink Checker, and Robots.txt. These will help you take steps towards optimising your website.

Our Founder's Message

“I hope you enjoy using SERPWizz – we built this tool over because we wanted a way to generate an instantly super detailed audit that a marketer can share with their client. One that’s accurate, actionable and presented beautifully so sales teams can use it too for new business. It’s generated us $27,000 in new business so far. I hope it does the same (and more) for you.”

— Deepak Shukla, CEO of SERPWizz 


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