Ranking The Different SEO Tools

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different SEO tools

Ranking Different SEO Tools

Tools are created for efficiency. 

To use our energy efficiently, to build efficiently, to convey information efficiently etc. And this applies to SEO tools as well.

Is it impossible to build a website without SEO tools? No – but it is impossible to build an efficient website without the following tools.

These are by no means all the SEO tools, but these are the most valuable, in order of most useful. Remember, though, all SEO tools are essential in their own right and contribute to a strong site.

Ranking Different SEO Tools

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4. Domain Checker

Domains are an often undervalued part of many SEO strategies, which makes no sense when you consider what distinguishes you from other websites and companies.

The most obvious way domains are effective is the keywords used, as this will help your website show up in searches and makes it distinct from other more generic or even more established sites.

It should be relatively simple, easy to type and memorable.

However, other factors signal to search engines that your website is more, or less, trustworthy, such as age and history.

Older domains are more likely to rank higher in searches. On the other hand, if your domain was used before you acquired it, you need to make sure it has a good history and no problems.

This is why you need a good domain checker, to make sure your chosen domain is beneficial to your goals and make sure you didn’t inherit any negative baggage with the domain.

3. Backlink Checker

Another important way search engines choose who to promote is through links to and from your website.

Obtaining backlinks from high-quality websites signals that you are a legitimate site that can be trusted. On top of this, it also increases the chance of more website traffic.

On the other hand, if there are many shady websites you are linking to or are being linked from, it gives your website a bad reputation, thus pushing it further and further down search results.

Therefore you should be doubling down on the good links you have while filtering out the bad ones.

While it is fairly easy to keep up with the backlinks that your website uses, it can be trickier to keep up with what websites are using your links, hence why a backlink checker is crucial.

It helps you keep track of your links across the internet and where they are being used and ensures that the links you are using are of good quality.

2. Keyword Checker

Keywords are the keystone to any good SEO campaign. 

Deciding what keywords to target should be one of the first decisions you make, and as your online presence grows, you should be updating this. This could be in the form of increasing the keywords you focus on or narrowing in on a niche.

While the actual words are chosen, how they are used is equally as important. For example, where it is used on your page and how frequently it is used.

How keywords are used are just as significant hence why a keyword checker is vital. 

A good keyword checker will evaluate how well your keyword works for your site’s aim and other factors such as consistency and density. 

Keyword Checker

Source: Marketing Margin

1. SEO Audit

This is easily one of the most important tools for anyone trying to improve their SEO, whether a newbie or an expert.

A good SEO auditing tool will check your website’s viability and competitiveness in various factors, with some examples being the ones we’ve mentioned already. 

Another would be checking the technical side of running a website, making sure there are no broken links, making sure you have short load times, page size etc. 

These are signifiers to Google. They show whether or not to feature your page. Therefore, showing why these constantly need to be checked – while making your website AND after.

After the website is created, you should perform regular intervals, i.e. monthly or quarterly audits, to ensure the quality doesn’t slip.

Where to find these SEO tools

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