Top 5 SEO Audit Tools For Your Website

the best SEO audit tool

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the best SEO audit tool

Top 5 SEO Audit Tools For Your Website For 2021

SEO Audit Tools


For the most honest review of SEO audit tools, we researched the best.

We discovered the most powerful tools for website optimisation to evaluate your client’s visibility. 

After taking the time to read over our picks; research and decide which tool fits your needs. 

1. Semrush

Head over to Semrush’s website, and you’ll be impressed by the web design and the ease to manage the interface. 

Reviewers rated this tool 8.8 out of 10.

The features are plentiful from SEO, marketing, content, adversity, and SMM & SERM.

The features are pretty impressive and have a lot to be desired after. 


Reviewers raved about the elegance of how it collects search engine data and showcased keyword research and optimisation.

Here are the pros: 

  • An excellent tool for identifying technical issues SEO related
  • It optimises pages with a crawler 
  • Keeps an eye out on your competitors’ pages
  • Metrics for Traffic data and keywords

The Cons: 

There weren’t many cons users reviewed about, but there are a few issues that can be approved. 

  • One user, per plan 
  • Difficulties connecting to business social media accounts


This SEO tool is a bit on the pricey side but positive. You can try it out for free for a short amount of time.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another tool that has the technology sector a buzz, with its equally smooth to use business format.

If you go over to their website, they provide practical and robust tools that promote their back-end infrastructure, which is pretty impressive. 

The tools available are; site and keyword explorer, audit business websites, rank tracker, and content explorer. 

    Here are the pros: 

  • High-quality new recording backlight
  • Education on how to use their product
  • Anchor text or link
  • User friendly

    The cons: 

  • Too expensive, they offer a 7-day free trial, but their basic version did not hold up to the rest of the features for a steeper price. 
  • Lacking more free tools
  • Weak Keyword optimiser 


This SEO tool is costly; most reviewers felt that was a deal-breaker for them, even though this tool was useful. The price and lack of free tools brought the rating down from 10 to 8. 

3. Google Search Console

We can’t discuss SEO tools without mentioning the titan of all SEO. 

Who better to evaluate a business website’s performance than Google

Most of the reviews were positive and valuable.

The main issue with this tool is the slowness, especially for crawling and data analysis, which is the most technical and essential piece of the pie.

This tool scored a 9 out of 10. 

The Pros:

  • Graphs and reports for easy viewing
  • This tool can help Google analytics 
  • Ability to find issues or errors
  • Multiple Domains and Websites connectivity

The Cons:

  • The Website is not user-friendly, and reviewers discussed the difficulty to use it.
  • Data is collected slowly; collection took several days
  • Incomplete indexing 


It’s free, that was the biggest takeaway from using this Google tool. A lot of reviewers enjoyed that feature the most. 

4. Majestic Tools

Majestic Tools towards the end of our list with the quality and the investment of Link content, giving the consumer important factors and data for their SEO journey. 

With A score of 8.2 out of 10. This link explorer knows its niche and goes full force.

Depending on your membership plan, you can use this SEO tool’s full potential.

The Pros: 

  • Onsite analysis data 
  • Robust backlink profile tracking 
  • Somewhat easy to user friendly
  • The majestic index is an excellent tool to track and recognise competitors, and their optimising can assist clients with specific keywords that produce traffic. 

The Cons: 

  • Many other SEO programs, such as Semrush, provide similar services and tools identical to Majestic with more features and perks. 
  • The Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow are not reliable.    
  • Majestic’s only strength is backlinks and lacks in pushing further in collecting data and exploring domains. 

Pricing is based on the experience of the features that are not as powerful as competitors on the market. The tools are superior for backlink checker and link building. 

5. Serpwizz

Saving the best for last is the new kid on the block, Serpwizz SEO tool. Reviewers agreed this tool was remarkable for its price and established tools that rival its competitors. The backlinks, impressive tech stock, and free tools for members only are robust and reliable.

With a 10 out of 10 score, this SEO tool has something for everyone. 

The plans are designed for beginners to advance, with a user-friendly audit tool that measures your website’s performance.

The Pros: 

  • The speed of the audit tracking tool efficiently embeds into the site for easy connection to collect leads.
  • Usability of page size, language, Favicon, and email privacy is impressive.
  • Rigorously audit with robust SEO tools for XML sitemap, and google preview, and much more.
  • The mobile element is an excellent tool for mobile websites.

The Cons: 

  • Not a lot of cons, but reviewers encountered a few challenges.
  • Interface enhancement
  • Additional investments in tools

Pricing is affordable; The user is provided more than an experience with the stackability of codes per account. Each feature and membership gives an easy to read PDF report download.


As a consumer, you can choose which tool works better for your needs. 

Deciding on the right SEO tool is essential for your client’s business; each tool recognises its function to do the best job for the best results.


Here are some of the best SEO audit tools to use.

  • SEMrush
  • SERPWizz
  • SpyFU
  • Screaming Frog
  • Ahrefs

The top paid website audit tools are SEMrush, Ahrefs, and SERPWizz.

SEO audit tools will analyze a website in 6 areas.

  • Mobile usability
  • SEO issues
  • Social Media
  • Servers
  • Security
  • Semantic Web