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Explain SEO To Your Client In A Language They Understand

Explain SEO

Many SEO managers are almost self-reinforcing. They become SEOs because of the difficulty of explaining what they do and the stage of their business. But when they find themselves explaining SEO, they look like more of an expert than they really are. 

This could be a make-or-break type of task if you’re planning to have your client onboard for a Google SEO process. You’ve finally managed to convince your client to sign up, but now they’re freaking out because they’re not sure what SEO is.

And, they’re even more confused because their friends and family are getting better responses than they are, and your client feels like they’re getting left behind.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to get more customers is not taking SEO seriously. This article will show you how to explain SEO to a new client.

What Does My Client Need To Know About SEO So I Can Explain It To Them?

People often say that if you want to make money, you should use SEO. But that’s often hard to understand for consumers because SEO is confusing and intimidating.

But it shouldn’t be the case.

Most of the search terms that a client is interested in will eventually turn up in the rankings when a search engine looks at the website’s content. 

This is why it’s essential to make sure that your site has plenty of great content about your company’s business. 

Selecting good and relevant keywords and writing good content can help a site rank higher in the SERPS. Explain to your client how this is important for SEO.

Why Is SEO Important For My Client?

Explaining SEO to a new client is crucial for building and maintaining a reputation. It also has increased importance in today’s internet era, where both search engines and clients are looking at your site for ranking.

Know what SEO is, what the basics are, and how you can apply it to your site. Whether you plan to be a technical SEO expert or simply know what search engine optimization is, you will be able to build a junior social media strategy that will work in your favour.

The purpose of search engine optimization is to make your website more visible in search engines so that people searching for information about your products or services find it. 

SEO involves ensuring your keywords are included throughout the website and addressing any issues with your coding that could make it non-searchable. 

The key is to write what the client wants and use excellent keywords and ad copy so that when someone searches for your client’s terms, they land on your site

How Should I Explain SEO To A New Client?

Here’s how to explain SEO to a new client:

1. Tell your client what the purpose of SEO is. Then, explain to them how it can be used to bring traffic to their website.

  • SEO is an essential tool for having high-quality backlinks for your content. But good SEO is all about understanding what your customers want and what they search for. 

2. Understand your customer’s needs.  This will help you find ways of helping them become informed and satisfied with your product or service. 

  • SEO best practices are essential for everyone, not just marketers but everyone in the company.

3. Correct SEO leads to better organic rankings.

  • Unfortunately, many clients are afraid to work with an SEO consultancy because they think it will take too long.
  • But we can analyze and structure a search engine structure in a few weeks, and it usually takes less time than building a site from the ground up.

4. The best SEOs make sure that their clients are #1 in the SERPs of the keywords they want to rank for. 

  • Most SEO companies work with customers, so they are continually active on target search terms.  This helps get your brand or product in the hands of more and more “qualified” customers.

You can use SEO to get more traffic to your page. Although SEO has its challenges, online marketing is becoming easier. 

The Internet is a public resource. Therefore, SEO makes sense because no one owns it, so your content is accessible by anyone and everyone online.

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