How to find SEO clients?

How to find SEO clients

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How to find SEO clients

How to Find SEO Clients?

Today you’re going to learn how to find SEO clients in 4 steps.

You don’t have to wait to start on these four steps.  You can begin working on finding clients right now.  Don’t be surprised if you begin to see immediate results!

1. Offer free SEO services

Offering free services might be a lot harder and more time consuming than just cold emailing, but if the cold emailing isn’t working, it is worth the try!  There are several services you might offer to find SEO clients:

  • Free SEO audits.  You can start by finding websites that need SEO work (you can type in a keyword and scroll down to the fifth or sixth page).  Do an audit and then contact the websites so they can see how you will benefit them!
  • Free social business page creation.   You can find companies that are not on social media. Some business owners are simply overwhelmed by the time it takes to manage social media. However, if you can offer them a few things – like free social media consultations or setting up the page for them to see what it looks like – you can make their lives easier.
  • Free trials.  When a potential client stumbles upon your website, a free trial is a great way to entice them.  It’s also an excellent way for them to get a feel for the fantastic services you offer.

The goal here is to reach out and offer your expertise to those who need it.  Be careful not to go hard-sell and focus on building trust instead.

2. What makes your SEO company unique?

Pay attention to your competitors and watch what they’re doing and then do it better.  Check out this page on an SEO website:

why your company is unique

Source: Brian Dean

When a potential client is browsing for SEO help, they might start to see all the website pages begin to look the same.

To make you stand out from all the others, do something beyond just looking professional and including the basics.

Instead, specialise in something that sets you apart from everything else.  Are you better at email outreach, or the technical side of SEO?  Are you better at guest posts or e-commerce?  

Whatever the case, plaster your speciality all over your site.

3. Look like an SEO expert

I know you want to make your website look appealing for those who don’t know anything about SEO.  You might use nonspecific words that are easy for new business owners to understand.

Wrong.  Simple information appears to be too basic.  You don’t need your potential customer to understand everything you’re doing— just that you’re an expert.

Here is an example of detailed explanation of what a technical SEO offers:

look like seo expert

Source: Brian Dean

Showcase what you’re going to be doing.  Use specific words, even if your clients are not going to understand.  They know that they’re not going to understand because they’re looking to you to be the expert!

4. Get your business “out there”

One of the reasons you can’t find SEO clients is because they don’t know where to find you.  Many people need you but they just don’t know where you are.

You can do several things to get out in front of people who would be interested in your services:

  • Become friends with other SEO companies.  Making your ‘competitors’ your friends, rather than your enemies can open more opportunities.  For example, if a client comes to a company (who you made friends with) looking for something that you specialize in, they may refer you to the client instead!
  • Produce Content.  Producing content is a big way to get your content out there and ultimately, find SEO clients.  You can post blogs and write guest posts.  You can do a weekly blog or if you’re feeling extra, even produce a free ebook.  All of these not only help others but get your name out there, bringing further awareness to you and your services.
  • Write guest posts.  Guest posting is a very effective way to gain exposure for your business. The goal should always be to share your expertise with the world, educate your audience, and earn authority for your brand. This will make people more familiar with your name and bring more relevant traffic back to your site.
  • Speak at conferences.  For this one, all you need is your knowledge and your voice (and maybe some bravery for those who hate public speaking).

This is just another way to earn trust and credibility with potential clients.  Not only are you helping the general public in their own success, but you are advertising your brand.


Four simple steps on how to get SEO clients.  Are they hard?  Probably.  Do they take a lot of time?  Yes.  Will they give you the results you want?  Yes.

It might not be the easiest process to find your SEO clients but just like any other marketing activity, it pays off in the long run.  It might take a while, but once you succeed in finding them, it’ll be worth all the effort.

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