URL Rewrite checker

A healthy and informative URL can go a long way for our visitors.

We need something that is both memorable and reflective of our brand image. 

URL links mean a lot to our SEO. We want our visitors to find us with ease. When you think about some of the most memorable brand names, their URL links are always very recognizable. For example, the URL link for Amazon is simply titled ‘www.amazon.com’. 

Let’s now break down each part of an URL link. 

From this example, we can see how specific a URL link should be. This link looks like it is referring to a specific branch of their webpage. This is where the directories part needs to be accurate. 

For a lot of websites, the protocol section isn’t always required, but it is added for extra security. 

Let’s now move on to how we can check our URLs

Step 1: Enter your URL link

Make sure that this URL Link is your link. You can use your main website’s URL or use another link from a different area of your website.

I recommend you use a link that you feel needs work.

Step 2: Results

Now it’s time to check our results. 

The main purpose of this tool is to make sure our URL looks ready and not incomplete. In the example above, our link is of good quality. 

To give you the quick recap, here is what we need our links to be:

  • Easy and friendly to read
  • Don’t include any excess information or keywords
  • Include only your important keywords
  • Consider sharing your links on social media 

These 4 points will help us prepare so that we are in the best position when checking our URL.

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