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Once you’ve signed up for our free trial and seen the huge variety of tools we offer, you’ll be able to choose from the following price plans and pick one that best fits your SEO needs:

SEO is a race to the top. Steal the 1st place.

Measure & track your SEO performance. Stay in the race and climb the steps one at a time. With SERPWizz always know where you stand.



per user per month

If you’ve already dipped your toes into the SEO audit pool and need frequent checks on multiple websites, we recommend consider purchasing this plan for unlimited SEO reports!



per user per month

This package will wave its magic wand over your audits with its impressive range of features. Not only do you get access to unlimited reports, you’ll also see how your website stacks up with our SERPwizz Rank Checker!



per user per month

If Gandalf the Grey had his own website, you can bet he’d have this plan on his GondorCard. You’ll get white label reports you can tailor to your clients with customizable templates, embed tools, Zapier integration – the list goes on!

Features Breakdown






Free access to all SERPwizz tools
Unlimited website/lead audits
PDF report download
Add unlimited team members


Unlimited Reports
Rank Checker (for Keywords)
Embed Audit Tool
Separate Tools Embed
White Label
Export Leads
Zapier Integration
Calendar Embed
Reports in 4 Languages (English, German, Spanish Arabic)



Explore the features that keep your site performance and team on track

Unlike other tools which tie you to a specific price package, a SERPWizz free trial is non-binding and won’t ask you for banking details. Not only that – you’ll automatically receive our full range of services for the duration of your trial period!

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