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School searching is probably one of the hardest challenges a student can encounter.

A school’s SEO ranking will affect engaging decisions. Aside from that, the school’s web page also impacts where details such as facilities and courses are displayed.

Suppose you work in marketing for a college or university. In that case, you must understand that making it easy for prospective students to find your institution is one of the best ways to influence their decision to enrol.

You can use an SEO audit tool to increase your website presence in the search results. 

SERPWizz is an easy-to-use tool that can help boost your school’s SEO rankings. By analysing your website, you can know what to tweak to enhance your overall performance. Moreover, the tool can give you access to all the information required to improve your search ranking.

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Significance Of SEO Audit For Schools

How do you think your school is doing with SEO?

Are you doing well in crucial and strategically relevant searches?

Are you generating any organic traffic?

Are your website's on-page and technical SEO elements frequently inspected and maintained by your team?

If most answers are "no", here are some benefits of SEO auditing to help you understand its significance:

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Fix Content Errors

You can effectively categorise and highlight specific pages’ problems when you conduct technical SEO audits, ensuring you create high-ranking and high-quality content.

Review SE Rankings

In terms of Google rankings, how do you compare to other schools? An SEO Audit will review your current rankings and let you know the best SEO practices to improve your search engine rankings. 

The tool addresses search results, SEO foundations, and backlinks from other websites.

Improve User Experience

A successful website must provide a positive user experience, but with the various devices and technology available today, this is more difficult than you think. 

A site audit ensures that your site loads quickly, functions properly, and is accessible on mobile devices. Factors affecting user experience include mobile capability, website load speed, and other difficulties users may face.

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How To Perform SEO Audit For Schools

In efforts to improve your school’s web visibility, you must follow the practices below to get the best results:

Review Website Traffic

You can quickly assess your existing traffic and how well you achieve your objectives by taking a brief look at some of your Google Analytics data.

You should check your Channel Report to discover what proportion of your traffic is generated by organic search as a starting point. It should be fairly high for most school websites and frequently the primary traffic source.

You can dive down further by examining your top-performing pages in organic search. These could be your home page, blogs, or the primary pages of particular website sections. This can help you gauge your value from different content production strategies.

Additionally, it will help to investigate underperforming pages.

Look For Issues

Manual audits are crucial, but it would take forever to go through a 2,000-page school website one page at a time. 

The good news is that you can save time and work by using SEO tools. Not only is it time-effective, but you are guaranteed accurate results.

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Check The Site's Technical SEO Audit

Mere school staff will find it challenging to understand the technical components of excellent SEO for schools. However, this is just one of the many reasons an audit can be beneficial. 

This practice allows you to find and address various technical problems that could affect your search ranking.

Specialists frequently perform a site crawl to look for potential problems while evaluating technical SEO issues. SERPWizz, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs’ Site Audit are just a few of the widely used tools for this.

Numerous issues that require adjusting or fixing can be discovered during this process. When working with a school’s website, common problems include not having XML Sitemap and 404 Error Pages.

Analyse On-Page SEO

While some aspects of an SEO audit for schools can be completed using various software, others require manual analysis. One such component is your on-page SEO, this refers to how effectively the actual content on your page is arranged for search engines.

Your school needs to check several crucial components to ensure that your on-page SEO is at its best.

On-page SEO elements include:

Page Title

A page title is the first thing that will show up on your search results. It must be well-optimised to favour the Google algorithm

Meta Description

In-depth content descriptions, targeted keywords, and a compelling call to action are all characteristics of a successful meta description.


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Meta Tags

Search engines and website visitors can learn about your page through invisible meta tags. They are essential for SEO since they make it easier for search engines to understand your content.


You must do keyword research to leverage popular search terms strategically. High-volume search queries help your content appear higher on a search engine results page (SERP).

Consider Off-Page SEO

It’s critical to assess your site’s backlinks. You must ensure no spam, viruses, or suspicious links are leading visitors to your website. 

Google will get suspicious if all of the backlinks to your pages come from the same or unreliable sources. It is ideal to have backlinks from various credible sites.

Check Site Speed

Do you have a slow-loading website? 

Does it appear like some website elements are making it lag? 

Does it load more quickly on a desktop than on a mobile device?

A study found that 40% of users who wait more than three seconds are most likely to leave. 

Search engines favour websites with short load times. For this section of your school’s SEO audit, the Google PageSpeed Insights tool can be helpful because it can tell you how quickly your site loads and what could be slowing it down.

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Perform Manual Audit

It is easy to become preoccupied with SEO metrics and narrowly concentrate on their improvement. However, you must remember that you are ultimately aiming to promote your school to people. Therefore, conducting a manual audit might be an excellent method to discover UX issues that the crawlers might have missed.

Use A Tool

If you are not an SEO expert, conducting an SEO audit of your website can be difficult and potentially inaccurate. 

If you’ve never considered auditing your website, working with an outside SEO specialist or using a tool would be a good choice.

SERPWizz As Your Tool To Perform Seo Audit

If you’ve finally decided to reap the benefits of an SEO Audit but don’t know how to utilise the tools, seek advice from our SEO company.

On the other hand, if you’re knowledgeable enough and want to start SEO audit, SERPWizz tools can assess all of the essential SEO components of your site to help you improve your rankings.

Additionally, we are an SEO expert that offers a broader range of functionality than other website SEO tools. 

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SEO audits are a crucial, essential part of maintaining the efficacy of your SEO strategy. 

You’re losing out on excellent search engine traffic and potential consumers if your website isn’t correctly optimised for search.

Three indicators called Core Web Vitals rate how easy it is for a user to load a website. These metrics rate the speed at which page content loads, the responsiveness of the browser to user input, and the stability of the material as it loads in the browser.

Our price plans differ from our SEO audits because they are customised to meet your demands and SERPwizz provides bundle packages.

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