IP Address Canonicalization Checker Tool

IP address canonicalization happens when a search engine mistakes an IP address for a different webpage.
This causes you to have several URLs that lead to the same page; which happens because the search engine crawls through your URL links and indexes one. 

Let’s say you run an online shoe store. An example of an IP address canonicalization link would look like this:


Both of these links lead to the same page. The page could be your homepage or a product page, that may not represent the words used in the URL. When you create an online website, there should always be a unique IP address. 

Enter your URL to check your IP address canonicalization and learn more about managing it.

Wrong IP addresses could guide users with the wrong information. This will also mean that your content will not have the correct information. This makes working on your SEO a bit more complicated. 

Ranking for keywords using meta title + descriptions is harder when the URL links are incorrect and Google is not recognising them. 

Here is what you can do to fix it!

You will be able to check if your XML sitemap is working correctly in two steps. 


Step 1: Enter your website’s URL link into the checker: 

Simply enter your site’s main URL link and click check.


Step 2: Get instant results

The results come quickly. Take a look at the image below.

This is an example of when there is no canonicalization detected. With every link checked, you will get a tip/suggestion section at the bottom.

So if you want help with driving more traffic to your page, why not sign up today?

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