Iframe checker Tool

How do you create your content? and more importantly where does it come from?

We want to create original content that exists as a unique piece on the web. Luckily, we can check for certain that our content is originally sourced.

We use iframes to insert external media onto our websites. Media on our page works well for SEO as it helps to engage our users and sharpens our brand identity. This could also mean we extra content from other sources without duplicating it. 

However, iframes are not recommended in excessive amounts. We want to create original content with embedded files. Some of the disadvantages of excessive iframes include the following. 

  • Lower page speed
  • Potential Security risks from suspicious websites 
  • Hurt brand ranking with SEO 

Iframes can impact our SEO because search engines can not index iframes. This may result in our pages not being recognized, which wont help in content ranking. 

Using iframes can be safe but it is perfectly reasonable to avoid them if we can. This is when an iframe checker comes in handy. Here is what to do. 

Step 1: Insert your URL

You need to consider all links that contain content. Iframes can exist under any part of a website.


Step 2: Results

Here comes the important part.

You will find out if your website contains an iframe, marked as either a negative cross or a positive tick. It couldn’t be simpler to use, which makes our lives as website owners a lot better.

So if you want help with driving more traffic to your page, why not sign up today?

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