Htaccess Redirect Checker Tool

The .htaccess (short for hypertext access) file is a distributed server configuration file for the Apache webserver that helps with SEO by creating redirects. 

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.htaccess redirects can make or break your website

Redirects impact everything that could break your website, including site speed, server load, crawlability, indexability, UX, and more. 

.htaccess redirects correct subdomain

Lack or misuse of the .htaccess file can lead to duplicate pages, which can be not only costly for your SEO but confusing to viewers. 

The .htaccess file can force your site to only use one subdomain (i.e., https:// or www.). This reason is exactly why you need an htaccess redirect checker.

You can learn more about your .htaccess file in just two easy steps and how to improve its redirect!


Step 1:

Enter your website’s URL for the tool to check your pages.

Step 2: 

Get your instant results with tips/suggestions for improving your .htaccess redirect file.

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