Email Privacy Checker Tool

To avoid spam, tracking, or fraud, you should keep your email address private. 

Enter your website URL to check the privacy of your company’s email.

Keeping your email address private will prevent your identity from getting stolen and spam flooding your inbox. You can help by doing two things: first, never to post it publicly on high traffic sites and second, you can use the tool below to find out how private your email address is.

However, we need to keep track of how many embedded audits we have on our pages. Page speed for SEO is so important and unnecessary embedded audits could affect this.

In just a few seconds, you get instant access to tips to improve your email privacy and stay safe!

Step 1:

Enter your website’s URL for the tool to check the privacy of your email.

Step 2:

Get your instant results with tips/suggestions for establishing privacy.

So if you want help with driving more traffic to your page, why not sign up today?

Get access to Serpwizz’s email privacy checker tool along with a whole host of other SEO auditing features.

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