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Our SEO audits are tailor-made to suit your needs – and our price plans are no different! Whatever your budget, SERPwizz has a package that will work for you!

Once you’ve signed up for our free trial and seen the huge variety of tools we offer, you’ll be able to choose from the following price plans and pick one that best fits your SEO needs:


This plan works great for those just venturing into the wonderful world of SEO magic. If your web page is in fledgling mode or you’re not looking to audit multiple sites, this could be the plan for you (for now). 



If you’ve already dipped your toes into the SEO audit pool and need frequent checks on multiple websites, consider purchasing this plan for unlimited SEO reports!

$19 /Monthly


This package will wave its magic wand over your audits with its impressive range of features. Not only do you get access to unlimited reports, you’ll also see how your website stacks up with our SERPwizz Rank Checker!

$49 /Monthly


If Gandalf the Grey had his own website, you can bet he’d have this plan on his GondorCard. You’ll get white label reports you can tailor to your clients with customizable templates, embed tools, Zapier integration – the list goes on!

$99 /Monthly

Not sure which plan You Should choose?

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Unlike other tools which tie you to a specific price package, a SERPWizz free trial is non-binding and won’t ask you for bank details. Not only that – you’ll automatically recieve our full range of services for the duration of your trial period!

That’s fine! Whether you decide to level up, or wind things down a notch, you will always have our full support in transitioning seamlessly from one price plan to another.

You can do this anytime you like – just head to the subscription page.

We know the digital market is fast-paced and evolving, which is why we’ve decided to adopt a monthly price plan model for now. However, if you would like to discuss tailored options for your business, please get in touch with us today!

We wouldn’t have it any other way! You can sign up for our free, no-strings attached trial that gives you an exclusive glimpse into our top packages!

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