Domain Age Checker

Every website owner needs to understand their domain age. It helps you to better understand how your pages rank amongst your competitors.

It’s a vital piece of information to know before you begin working on your SEO. Add your website URL to learn more about your domain age.

You may be wondering how your domain age could impact your website. Google wants to recognise the highest quality content to provide users. When you first start building your website, your domain authority is always low. This is because the website has not been refined and it lacks experience. 

As website owners, we want Google to value our website, but we can’t do this unless we know our domain age. It will provide us with a better idea of what areas we can work on, especially when it comes to SEO. The top tip to remember is the older the domain, the more authority it has. 

This is how you do it.

Step 1: Insert your link

Step 2: Results

Once you hit check, you will see this.

You get 5 results. The most important part of these stats is your domain age. It gives a very specific figure. For inexperienced websites, a figure will not show up.

If you get to see results from each section, then your website has probably been up and running for a while, which is positive. 

There are no limits to how long the figure is, it will always be accurate.

For example, Amazon’s domain age is 24 years, 292 days.

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