What is Agency Rank Tracking

Agency Rank Tracking

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Agency Rank Tracking

What is Agency Rank Tracking

Agency Rank Tracking

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Whether you are trying to monitor your agency or are providing SEO services to other agencies, you need to know how and where they rank to make accurate suggestions for improvement. The best way to do this is through an agency rank tracking tool.


What is rank tracking and agency rank tracking?

What is an agency rank tracking tool?

And most importantly, what is the best agency rank tracking tool available?

What is Rank Tracking and Agency Rank Tracking

In terms of SEO, rank tracking is the act of monitoring and checking the position of certain keywords to see how they fall within the SERPs (search engine results pages). Agency rank tracking is similar, but rather than just keywords, it is checking how an agency ranks within the SERPs (although it does factor keywords as well).

It does not matter if you just want to monitor your own site’s presence or monitor the position of your client’s sites, you need a tool to do this accurately. Without a tool, you won’t be able to gauge the overall position of the website or know how effective the site improvements you make have been.

Other tools may hint at performance, but it takes a specialty tool to do this.

What is an Agency Rank Tracking Tool

An agency rank tracking tool is an online tool that allows you to input a website’s URL to see its position within the SERPs. These tools also break down the individual components of the website and score them to see where they may be room for improvement. 

The breakdown of these factors helps give a rationale as to why that particular website is in the position it is on Google, Bing, etc.

Points that are considered in an agency’s overall rank include:

  • Domain authority
  • Keywords used
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Alt Image text
  • URL structure
  • Social presence
  • HTML/text ratio
  • Headings
  • And more

There are numerous agency rank tracking tools available on free or paid plans. The best agency rank tracking tools will generate a report and break down all of these factors with tips.

This means if a site gets a B- rank, and shown on page 2 of Google, the report will show on-page, off-page, technical factors, and more than made up this score. If socials get a poor score, it could elude needing to connect social media accounts to the website or make them and maintain them.

What Should I Look for in an Agency Rank Tracking Tool?

One of the first things you should look for when deciding what tool to use for agency rank tracking is to ensure that it will fit your budget.

The tool itself should be able to show historical ranking and current rankings, this way, you can see improvements made or where more efforts need to be focused. Another item you may want is to ensure that you can brand the report to your company so it looks much more official when sending it to clients.

An agency rank tracking tool should also give you solutions or tips for areas deemed “poor” and need to be worked on. Another feature you may want to look for is the report should show both conversions and site traffic; showing these metrics will help tie SEO efforts in with how the site is performing overall.

One more big bonus is if you can run competitor analysis directly on the platform.

What is the Best Agency Rank Tracking Tool

Agency Rank Tracking

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We are going to toot our own horn here *doot doot* … SERPwizz is the best agency rank tracking tool on the market.

SERPwizz allows for comprehensive agency rank tracking.

SERPwizz tracks keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, and more. In addition to this, if you are conducting agency rank tracking for a client, you can create while label SEO reports under your company’s logo.

Notable Mentions

There are plenty of other agency rank tracking tools you can use other than SERPwizz, though.

Accuranker is one tool available to use to see where an agency falls within the SERPs. Accuranker’s strong suit is that the tool automatically updates its results page every 24 hours to give next to live data regarding keyword rankings. If you don’t want to wait 24 hours, you can always hit refresh on the dashboard.

SEMrush is another agency rank tracking tool you can use to see where your site’s keywords fall. A benefit to this tool is that you can filter the results by city, country, and more to see your global SEO standing.