What is 1st in SEO

What is 1st in SEO?

1st in SEO is a small company based in Albuquerque, a city in New Mexico, which provides businesses of a small to medium size the tools they need to carry out an effective online marketing strategy. Now, defining what an SEO strategy is in today’s world can be vague. When we think about an SEO strategy, we acquire several different tools. In this article’s case, we will focus on the 3 main areas of internet marketing that 1st in SEO deals in. These areas are: 

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Their number goal when dealing with clients is to help them rank 1st on Google. The image below displays all the working elements that you need to achieve a high ranking.

google ranking factors

source: data-flair.com

What could have been mentioned in the image above is PR. Although effective PR is not directly linked to a page 1 ranking, it does help with your brand’s identity. Luckily, 1st in SEO deals with reputation management.

On-page SEO

1st in SEO covers can cover all these areas when developing a strategy for an online website. 

First of all, on-page SEO is concerned with all the internal workings of your site. This includes keyword research and the overall marketing structure of your content. 

All good SEO services off on-page SEO, off-page, and technical SEO. What 1st in SEO offers, is a high-quality service. They begin by modifying the titles and descriptions of your work. These are done to achieve the ultimate goal of attracting organic traffic. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. It’s the visitors that want to use your service. 

They begin by typing your service on Google and get exactly what they were looking for.  With organic traffic, you are more likely to get sales. However, re-phrasing your titles and descriptions is the first place to start. Google ranks articles based on relevancy to the keyword used in the search engine. 1st in SEO understands how important this is.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with all the external workings of your website. This includes elements like backlink strategy, guest posts, and other areas. 

1st in SEO places a lot of their attention on the quality of the content when they produce an off-page SEO strategy. These are the 3 areas that the off-page SEO strategy works on. 

  • Engaging content
  • Social media strategy
  • Type of content

In this case, engaging content can be referred to as your headline. Yes, the quality of the content is important, but as we are dealing with external factors, the headline will, in some cases you may need to branch out to reach either a wider audience or a selective demographic. Whatever the case, the team at 1st in SEO are prepared to work on content, from video creation to article writing. Whatever is your content goal, then sharing this with the team could be highly beneficial.

Technical SEO

One way we could look at technical SEO is how well search engine bots crawl and index your content. When we apply this meaning to our site, the only point we need to know is how well your site functions technically.  Business owners turn to this aspect of SEO to help get their content ranked accordingly. 1st in SEO deals with every technical layer associated with indexing your website. 

Another area 1st in SEO looks at is the page speed. Let’s take a look at the image below:

website performance

source: foregroundweb.com

Yes, this is a mobile statistic, but its reasoning applies to all devices. You need your page speed to be above 80, and that is exactly what 1st in SEO does with its clients. It’s a goal they set in technical SEO, and it’s an essential one.

How they work

We have gone over how they work their SEO process, but what else should you know about 1st in SEO?

When you land on their page, click on the services selection. You will be given a full list of options. These options are:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Company image branding
  • Video and animation
  • PPC

So, not only do they cover the full spectrum of SEO, but they provide companies with all the branches they need to market their services online. The question that may spring to mind is what service appeals to you the most? 

Even when you’ve mastered SEO, there are still several online marketing layers that you may need to consider. This distinguishes 1st in SEO from other SEO services because it’s their full comprehensive look at online marketing as one big picture. 

The last point to go into is its pricing. Once you click on a particular service, you will be given 3 options. These options are: 

  1. Startup-$399 a month
  2. Entreprenuer-$699 a month
  3. Executive-$999 a month

Each plan progresses in the depth they provide. The concluding line of what 1st in SEO does is that it covers the full spectrum of online marketing and offers a tailored plan to meet the goals of ranking 1st on Google. 

They are also available 24/7.

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