What are organic SEO services?

organic SEO services

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organic SEO services

What are organic SEO services?

Organic SEO is an online marketing strategy that aims to increase organic traffic to a brand through sub-strategies. These strategies will include link building, keyword research, and other areas. However, what makes this service unique to a typical SEO service provider is that it delivers marketing that puts your brand ranking towards the most suited keyword searched in the search engine. 

A good analogy would be that Google, as the leading search engine, wants to provide the user with the most informative result possible. Therefore, all of the results, especially on page 1. have to be the best-linked results to the keyword searched. Google ranks these articles based on several factors, one of them being relevancy

For the case of organic SEO, relevancy is the key term. This is because you can’t get organic traffic if your content is not relevant or seen in that specific keyword being searched. When people find your content when they search for a specific key term related, that counts as organic traffic. 

This service ignores paid advertising. This is a good factor because consumers know when companies are being paid to advertise another brand, and it can sometimes disrupt the user’s needs. 

However, with this into account, why should you invest in an organic SEO service?

Let’s start with a stat below.

source traffic

Your clients will not and don’t have to know the origin of the service. It can add a level of professionalism to your craft, which is exciting.

With organic SEO, you will be attracting the best kind of traffic.

The right kind of traffic is organic. From a consumer’s point of view, this shows that they seek out the brand or at least prefer to seek out the service in the first place. It seems to be their preferred option. Although paid advertising can be effective, it doesn’t guarantee organic traffic.

The goals for your site when using organic SEO

The goal of every SEO provider is to help the brand get ranked on page 1. Although organic SEO services share that goal, this service leans more towards these goals:

  • Target a specific audience
  • Achieving more leads

This the benefit of organic SEO; it delivers a targeted audience to your brand. These are the customers you want to reach, as they have a clear interest in the industry you work in, and in some cases, it’s your brand that they want to reach. 

Every brand’s goal is to get more leads, but this is even more necessary with organic traffic. This is because organic traffic is led by individuals who will most likely have a predetermined interest in your brand. When organic traffic works at its best, visitors may need less convincing before they purchase or use your service. This is a top benefit from organic SEO, whereas other forms of traffic may need more convincing before they buy into the service. 

One of the key factors that can influence the visitors from using your service is the realisation of need. When they visit your website from organic traffic, you can almost guarantee that they won’t use your service or a similar service. 

With these goals in mind, your content may be optimised to achieve these goals. You may need to change your content to appeal to your target audience. This is what is known as your site’s content.

Working with an organic SEO provider

What can you expect from working with a provider?

As I mentioned before, you still need to rank 1st on Google, which all organic SEO services will do. They may just go about it in a slightly different way. One of the key areas that an organic SEO provider will focus on is optimisation. 

They will focus a lot on your meta title+descriptions. For those unsure, these terms describe your article or website’s description once a related keyword is searched on Google. It’s vital to get this part right because it needs to be specific to the keyword searched. If the meta title+description is misleading in any way, then this may direct the wrong traffic. 

However, these are just a few areas. Let’s look at the image below:

This is what Google sees as the most important factor in getting content ranked. An organic SEO provider will look into all of these areas, but they will work to ensure that the factor optimised is modified to get organic traffic. 

A keyword analysis will be done to modify the words for the best ranking and suited towards purchasing. This is all a part of SEO analysis. For example, if you run a tent or an outdoor equipment business. A popular search term used maybe ‘buy a waterproof tent’. These are known as commercial keywords, which will be heavily used and analysed during the working process with an organic SEO service. 

For keyword analysis, SEMrush is very popular. However, it may be important to discuss the average price of working with an SEO provider. 

To work on a medium-sized project, expect to pay a couple of hundred or more £’s a month. For larger projects, you will have to spend in thousand regions.

To sum up

When working with an organic SEO provider, the two most important goals are to attract targeted traffic, making it 100% organic. The other goal is to gain more conversions. Using an organic SEO provider makes this goal very possible because users will already be interested in your service. 

However, remember to focus your attention on Google. Google is the leading search engine.

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