SEO Tools For Mac OS X To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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SEO Tools For Mac OS X To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Search traffic is integral to any successful online business, and to gain more sales and conversions, you need to increase this traffic. However, growing organic traffic is difficult as there is much competition across all industries. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of SEO tools to help you take care of crucial factors, such as keyword research, site audits, competition analysis, and more, so you can edge ahead of the game. 

There are numerous SEO tools you can use for Mac. Hence, this article rounds up all the internet marketing & SEO software for Mac OS X.

SEO Reporting

  • Market Samurai – A long-time favourite, this tool contains a rank tracker, domain finder, content finder, content publishing and link finder.
  • SEO Powersuite (Free Version) – This package includes four SEO tools for Mac, including Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant.
  • Advanced Web Ranking (Free Trial) – This tool can monitor all aspects of your SEO campaign, such as rankings, audits, and social media monitoring.
  • Domainer (100% Free) – Keep track of all your domains with this app and track all your sites simultaneously. In addition to Alexa information, links, and page rank, it also pulls information from other sources. You can also use it to keep track of your competitors.

Keyword Research / Competitor Analysis

  • Long Tail Pro – Long Tail Pro was updated in July 2015, making it a fantastic keyword tool for anyone using a Mac.
  • SEOggestor (100% Free) – Easy and free keyword research tool. It will use your source keyword to suggest other related keywords based on Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo & Yandex.

Content Creation

  • Spin Rewriter (5-Day Trial) – The only native spinning application available for Mac OS X. Despite its robustness, it also offers an extensive range of advanced spinning features.

Rank Tracking

  • Rank Tracker (Free Version) – This feature is part of SEO Powersuite but can also be purchased separately. Data is stored on-premises instead of in the cloud, so the rank-tracking tool works with your data.
  • CuteRank (Free Version) – This Mac OS X-compatible rank-tracking software works well for desktop PCs. It does what it says on the tin, similar to Rank Tracker.
  • RankGuru – A tool in your menu bar that notifies you when your rankings change or update. An easy way to monitor a wide range of websites.

Mac Tools For SEO

  • Here are some of more best SEO tools for Mac.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Website crawlers like Screaming Frog SEO Spider are used for SEO purposes. It’s a complex desktop tool that offers many features for site owners with authority sites. Professionals in digital marketing can use these tools for broken link research, technical site audit analysis, and other advanced tasks.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that’s user-friendly for beginners. The program is browser-based, and it offers everything a novice webmaster needs:

  • Rank tracking tool
  • Keyword research and keyword generator tool
  • Site audit tool
  • Social media tools
  • On-page content optimisation tools


The Web CEO platform is designed for agencies that manage multiple websites. In terms of advantages, it’s best suited to setting up white-label online platforms. This way, you can customise your customer experience by removing the Web CEO from your interactions. Web CEO has everything an agency needs:

  • Research links, track rankings, analyse keywords, and audit websites with SEO tools.
  • Tools for social media marketing.
  • Research the functionalities offered by competitors.
  • Ensure good customer communication with advanced reporting features.
  • Email alerts.


Ahrefs is our all-in-one SEO platform of choice. After Google, it is the largest online crawler, allowing for keyword research and SERP analysis. In addition, its website auditor and site crawler are among the best in the industry.

Surfer SEO

One of the best keyword tools is Surfer SEO. An innovative Content Editor extension is included with Surfer SEO that helps optimise on-page content. It works like this: You choose a targeted keyword for an article. Surfer will analyse all articles ranking for that keyword and develop a list of keywords to use.

Link Whisper

WordPress plugin Link Whisper adds a whispering feature to your site. The WordPress editor recommends internal linking opportunities based on AI technology. In addition, the link assistant can identify broken links, orphan pages, and other internal links. You can also use Link Whisper to find the best links for your site because it’s so easy to use. does not provide any link assistant tools or technical website audits. Mac OS X users can subscribe to to boost their outreach efforts. Essentially, helps you find email addresses to contact. New leads can be generated with this tool for link building, general PR, or sales. Using, you can bulk-source email addresses, search for domains, or use a name as a base to create outreach campaigns.


Essentially, Pitchbox is a more advanced version of It is an outreach tool for finding leads, reaching out to prospects, and analysing your processes. It goes beyond all expectations with advanced insights and integrations, a smooth interface, and a full CRM.

Pitchbox supports influencer outreach. It turns Pitchbox into a PR platform that can handle all aspects of PR. Its price is higher than average because it has so many capabilities. Pitchbox’s site has no pricing information. 


The best SEO tools for Mac are not too different from the best ones for Windows.  Webmaster tools have moved from your desktop to your browser. So anyone can enjoy them.

For the most part. If you like desktop tools, you still have options. Tools like the Screaming Frog SEO Spider or the SEO PowerSuite are amazing options for Mac OS that can help you bring your projects to life.


Does Google have free SEO tools?

Google has several free tools for SEO, including the keyword planner and the backlink checker. These tools are useful to all web admins but especially to those without a lot of SEO experience.

How much do SEO tools cost??

The price of SEO tools varies from $100 to $1000.

What is the most popular SEO tool?

Users and SEO experts agree Semrush is one of the most powerful and feature-rich SEO tools available today. Use Semrush for keyword research, conducting in-depth website audits, creating and tracking PPC campaigns, and improving y, our overall rankings in search engines.