How to create an SEO report for a client

Tips To Create An SEO Report For A Client

Creating SEO reports for a client is a valuable and powerful tool. 

Reports are an essential part of what helps businesses thrive and grow within a robust digital marketplace of advertising.

Here are a few tips to get you in the right direction to create a clear and concise report for your clients.  

SEO Report

What is an SEO Report?

Believe it or not, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is not widely understood or known by the masses. 

SEO reporting is used to help clients understand their product or service website’s visibility during a Google search. 

In simpler terms, an SEO assessment.

Google and Bing play a significant part in gathering the information from pages of websites with specific keywords to store the data in an index. 

Algorithms then scan the data and place pages in order of importance or interest of each topic. 

If you have enough essential keywords, your page will have the opportunity to gain more traffic or a loyal audience. 

If the website lacks traffic, the client has to look deeper at their content and brand. 

More traffic allows your client to market and advertises their niche or business. 

How Is SEO Done?

When you perform the report, the information you supply should be enough to understand and explain the key performance indicators (KPI) to your client.

Providing them with enough information is the best way to guide and help your client with their goals. 

The highest level of service is essential to the optimisation of inventory content and marketing brands precisely. To deliver this service, you need the best tools of the trade at your disposal.

Here are a few tools to help target different focal points of your reporting. 

  • Google Search Console is a free tool that helps the user pinpoint errors within the system, understand user engagement, and provide a detailed statement of the site’s performance to inventory their content and brand better understanding inventory.
  • Raven Tools performs a complete website audit that analyses your client’s website data to see how the website compares to other sites on all major platforms, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. 
  • Ahrefs is touted as an all one tool that delivers a site audit, rank tracker, keywords optimiser, and other great features such as discovering broken links and organic keywords

What Is Included In A SEO Report?

There are many tools out there available to perform an SEO report. 

The correct tools should take no longer than 5 minutes to achieve this goal. 

The ability to create organic traffic is a thing of legend with hard work and dedication.  

Your client will have the ability to write great headlines and bend social media to their will. 

Before, all of that is even possible. 

The client will have to be informed in a detailed report breaking down statistics about their traffic across channels, page speed, page-level traffic, and so forth. 

Discussing simple facts such as progress and SEO could impact their business and suggestions from your reporting for their accomplishments. 

The takeaway is a regular monthly report that will report decreases and increases of traffic paid or organic. 

Businesses rely on SEO.

Having a detailed report that shares the most important metrics and communicates effectively with the stakeholders or business owners is essential and vital. 

How do You Generate Quality SEO Reports For Your Clients?

As we discussed before, to effectively generate quality work. 

The client’s business has to be a priority. 

Besides, using the best reporting metric tools and supplying them with only information that benefits them. 

Each month when a new report is rolled out, there will have to be ongoing progress. 

An essential key in executing quality work in SEO reporting is understanding the dynamic in content marketing and the effectiveness of this particular tool.

 A blog would be for a business, not only helps with the optimisation.

A detailed report could answer the pertinent questions surrounding the details of the ineffective or effectiveness of pages.

Final Thought

To leave a lasting impact on a client, the report has to serve their business and vision. 

If an ideal website doesn’t meet those benchmarks, creating an easy-to-understand template to help optimise its website should be number one.