How to Sell SEO

How to Sell SEO

We all know how important SEO is in online marketing. It provides businesses with a strong footprint amongst their competitors. With this into account,  It would make sense that service this valuable would appeal to most online business owners. In this article, we take you through a step-by-step look at selling SEO services. However, we need to consider a few points when discussing. 



Whether how vital the service is, that service can not sell itself if it’s not valuable to the consumer. This statement’s theme runs right throughout this article, and it’s a great place to start when we think about how to sell SEO. 

When we answer this question, we must first ask ourselves other questions. These questions are: 

  • Why are you trying to sell SEO?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • How are you going to present the SEO service as one of your website’s main selling points?
  • What selling strategy are you planning to use?

These are 4 areas that you need to focus on. However, the fact that we sellers need to remember is that no one will buy SEO if they don’t need it. SEO isn’t exactly a product, it’s a service, and it’s sold as a service. For example, we typically won’t get a haircut if we don’t need one. This will just result in a waste of time and money. 

When applying this to SEO, we need to sell it to individuals that need it, but how can we identify and find our target audience?

Well, they have to be an online business. It would be pretty rare that an online business would have never come across SEO before or at least considered using it at some point. This is backed up by the stat below:

seo investments


More than 50% of online businesses invest time into SEO. This, to me, means that the service is in demand and targeting online businesses is the first place to start. 

We can now think more about our target audience. We can consider whether our audience wants to improve their SEO and if they are aware of its importance. These are two very different responses when it comes to delivering a good marketing strategy. 

Let’s take at the first response. We want to target audiences that we know want to improve their SEO. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves the question, why should they choose your agency over others?

This is a vital question, and it cannot be answered without further research on both sides of the equation. The most valuable research you can do is on your client. What industry do they work in? 

The bottom line is that your SEO service needs to be industry adaptable. That way, your clients will get better service, but you will also be reaching a wider audience. This is a good business model for such a widely used tool. By adapting to their industry, you are giving them a reason to use SEO. 

One part of your strategy may consist of social media marketing. If the audience you’re aiming for has an online presence, why not follow this through with your SEO brand, marketing through social media. By doing this, they may able to find your service a lot quicker. 

For the second response, it’s a bit more interesting. If we think about targeting audiences who might be unaware that they need to use SEO on their website, we need to change our approach. A common way to do this is by cold calling. Cold calling is used to attract visitors to a service that has not expressed any pre-determined interest in your service. Its success relies heavily on the subject line

You are practicing for all SEO providers. Your greatest aim as an SEO provider is ensuring trust in your client. One of the best ways of securing trust is by establishing case studies and testimonials on your page. We may consider blog posts as well. If you have a backed following from industry-leading professionals, then it will look good on your service. 

However, when you first begin, gaining a following can be difficult. That’s why you need to consider talking to SEO professionals. This will help give you advice and the expertise you need. 

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