3 Steps For Selling SEO Services to Local Businesses

How to sell SEO services

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How to sell SEO services

How to Sell SEO Services to Local Businesses: 3 steps to selling SEO services

Before you even think about selling at all, you should know this:

It is all about the client

This isn’t a revelation for you— we’ve all heard it before.

We know that our clients won’t buy unless we’re selling something they want.

We know that we are not a business without our clients.

But it is a good thing to keep in mind that KYC is essential to know how to sell SEO services to local businesses.

1) Know your clients

When you’re about to sell, remember that your pitch is not one-size-fits-all.  Every client is different, so it’s essential to tweak any pitches or cold calls to be personalized to the prospect.

Know your clients

Source: Axis Bank

When you are selling, this all starts with what the clients’ needs and wants are.

Here are some key action steps to take before you sell SEO:

Research prospective clients

  • Know their business. Researching your client involves checking out the prospect’s website, their customers, who they do their business with, and what they sell.  This helps you better position your SEO services to match their needs.
  • Remember to look at their competitors.  If you want to sell your SEO services, you should be well-versed in their competitors and how you can help your prospect differentiate themselves.
  • Look at what SEO agencies they’ve used/are using.  Whatever the case is, you want to know what they’ve used or what they’re using to see what they like or what they are lacking.  It’s your job to see the need and be able to fill it.

Types of clients

Not only should you research your potential clients, but you need to know the type of client you’re selling SEO to.  Prepare your pitch according to a customer profile so you will ask the right questions.

  • Skeptic – people who need to be convinced, usually by using statistics and results from previous campaigns.
  • Alpha – people who must feel control at all times, as if each sale was a decision they made without your help.
  • Amiable – people who are likely to purchase to avoid offending and if your service solves a problem.
  • Achiever – people who like results and are most likely to purchase if your service makes them feel good or improves their reputation.

After taking a look at these types of customer profiles, you will be able to plan questions about SEO and your services so you get the responses you want.

Is the client a good match for you?

Asking yourself if the client is a good match might be a strange question to consider, but it is asking yourself if you can offer the services they need?

Don’t sell to a client who isn’t in need or interested in your SEO services at all.  Avoid wasting your time on people who you know won’t buy.

2) Selling SEO with confidence

By taking into consideration the clients’ needs, you can now successfully develop your pitches so you know how to sell. As you do this, remember a few essential tips:

Care about your prospects and clients

You first do this by researching the client, talked about previously.  When you research your client, you are not only prepared to meet their demand, but you are also showing them that they are not just some customer.

Instead, they are a client you took the time to get to know and understand how your SEO services are needed.

As you are selling, remember to avoid using SEO jargon.  Using jargon alienates the customer and can especially frustrate the alpha character.  Talk to each client as if you were on the same level.  Don’t act above them.

But remember not to treat them like they’re completely ignorant.  Most business owners should have a good understanding of what SEO means.  Researching before you meet your customer can help you best prepare for this moment.

Show trustworthiness

Showing trustworthiness has many meanings, but in this context, it means avoiding putting on a show that isn’t yours.  One of the worst mistakes when selling is to guarantee a service you don’t offer or, worse, an SEO service you don’t even know how to do.

It’s also important to be transparent.  With all your services, you should be willing to share the details with your clients on what you do precisely.  This increases the chances of a sale.

When you meet with your clients, dress appropriately.  If it is over the phone, smile as you talk.  Present yourself how you want your client to see you.  Again, trustworthiness increases the chances of successful sales.

3) After selling SEO

Your work isn’t done after closing a client.  There are two things to do after your prospect becomes a client.

Selling additional SEO services

Remember all the research you did on your client?  Are there any additional services they’ll benefit from?

Be careful not to bombard your client with new services now that they’ve closed a deal with you – it might have the opposite effect that you want.  Choose products and services you are sure they are interested in.

Getting the client to stay

Keep the relationship between you and the client strong.  Don’t ghost them after you’ve closed the deal.  Keep communication high, and remember to celebrate the good things your SEO service has done for them!

Conclusion: Selling SEO

Selling is a process.  And getting to know your clients is a massive part of it.  Remember never to stop trying new things, especially if the old way of doing things is not working.

Adjust according to results, even if it is uncomfortable.  In the age of SEO, everything is changing.  Enjoy the ride!

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