How Do Sponsored Links Work

How Do SponsoredLinks Work

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What Does An SEO Analyst Do?

How Do Sponsored Links Work

Sponsored links can be a phenomenal resource but can also be daunting if you are unfamiliar. If you’re ready to get started with placing sponsored ads on search engines like Google, but you’re not sure where to start, then keep reading! 

We’ll take you from the basics of what sponsored links are and why they’re important to what they can cost, and we’ll even delve into the world of sponsored google links!

What Are Sponsored Links?

A sponsored link is an advertisement displayed on the search engine results page after users search for specific keywords.

You can get sponsored links for all major search engines. However, google links seem to be the most valuable due to their popularity. 

Alongside occupying a paid position in search engines’ results pages, the term sponsored link may also refer to a link to another domain being included in a piece of web content (such as a blog or an influencer’s social media platform).

In both instances, the page viewer must be aware that the paid-for link included within this content is an advert and has been paid for.

This type of advertising is a form of search engine marketing (SEM). These ads help companies more accurately target specific consumers who are more likely to purchase because they are conducting searches that are relevant to the company’s products or services.

Why Use Sponsored Links?

Sponsored Link Work

Utilising sponsored links can bring an array of benefits to you and your company, with the main two being:

  • These online ads enable businesses to gain a significant amount of brand exposure and boost their outreach to a vast number of potential customers.
  • They can swiftly produce demonstrable outcomes, and tracking may be utilized to track the company’s ROI in great detail.

Sponsored Links On Google

Google sponsored links, also known as Google ads or AdWords ads. Sites and businesses that want to pay a price to appear in the search results for relevant search queries can do so through Google… Google sponsored links are a great strategy to increase brand awareness and drive qualified traffic to your website.


How They Work

When the most effective keywords and search terms are selected, this type of internet advertising will place the company’s website in front of people who are looking for a specific product or service.


The key to the success of using sponsored links on Google when advertising your business lies in your choice of keywords. It is these keywords that, when they are searched for, will trigger the display of your advert. So, they must be relevant and precise.


Once an appropriate keyword is selected, a company can set about purchasing this placement on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) by entering an auction. Your advert will be assessed and provided with a quality score concerning the selected keyword within this online auction. The higher an advert’s quality score is, the higher its position on Google’s SERP will be. A high-quality score can also help to reduce the cost per click that companies have to pay for the advert.


Improving Your Quality Score

The ranking of your sponsored link advert depends on your advert’s quality score.

So, to ensure that your sponsored link is as cost-effective as possible, it is worth investing some time in improving this. A high-quality score is awarded if the advert holds a clear relevance to Google users searching for this term. So, ensure that any ads you create are closely linked to the keywords you intend to bid on.


The main elements that are used to determine the Quality Score of ads are:


  • The relevance is to the keyword or search term you are bidding on.
  • How accurately your advert resembles the content that visitors will find on the landing page that your advert is hyperlinked to.
  • The current click-through rate of your advert.
  • How relevant the new keyword is to your existing search engine marketing campaign.
  • The performance of your company’s Google Ads account so far.

How Much Do Sponsored Links Cost?

At this point, you’re probably thinking: This all sounds great, but exactly how much money will I have to pay per click for those sponsored ads?

There is no answer because Google ad costs vary greatly depending on your industry and business type and lots of other factors. However, we can provide some estimated figures for sponsored links costs:

  • The average cost per click for a sponsored link is between $1 and $2 on the Google search network. The average cost per click on the Display Network is under $1.
  • The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click. These are generally highly competitive keywords in industries with high customer lifetime values, like law and insurance.
  • Sponsored links in AdWords can cost up to $50 million per year for large merchants.
  • The average small business using AdWords spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That’s $100,000 to $120,000 per year.

Sponsored links are a revelation to many businesses and brands when used correctly. They are an investment that can reap incredible results but be sure to follow the advice and keep your keywords relevant otherwise you could be missing out.