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Links and backlinks are a hugely important factor in SEO – search engine optimization – and understanding just what links and backlinks exist on your website – and those of your competitors – can prove priceless.

Lemlinks is a clever little utility that will allow you to see every link placed on any website you choose. But it can do so much more than that, as having extracted the link information from any URL you set it to crawl Lemlinks will help you sort, catalog and extract link lists that will supercharge your link building efforts and significantly boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing overall.

Why You Need To Understand Your Site's Link Profile

Having a list of links on, and pointing at, your website is great. Maybe? While making use of Lemlinks can quickly provide you with a comprehensive list of the internal and external links on any given URL, why should you care? In other words, why bother with Lemlinks at all?

The fact is that, not to be too dramatic about it, monitoring link profiles via Lemlinks can save your site.

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Make no mistake about it:

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Link building is critical to your site's success.

Inbound links can attract users to your site who would not have found you otherwise, in addition to being a ranking factor for search engines. As a result, inbound links can be a source of both direct and indirect web traffic.

But, as anyone who has drunk too much booze knows, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. There’s a thin line between having a strong link profile and being penalized by search engines.

That’s why keeping an eye on your link profile with Lemlinks can help you save your site and stay on pace for link-building success.

What is a link profile, and how does it work?

When we talk about a site’s link profile in the SEO world, we’re talking about the inbound links that point to it, as well as the qualities of those links.

Your site’s link profile includes the following information in addition to the overall number of incoming links:

The types of links that go back to your site; the anchor text of those links; and how those links were obtained

The above elements are taken into account by Google in order to keep SEO as clean, pure, and white-hat as possible. Google can prevent SEOs from using aggressive or “unnatural” link-building strategies to manipulate the rankings, such as buying a large number of links that go live all at once, by looking at more than simply the sheer quantity of inbound links to a site.

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Obviously, to get all of this information, you are going to need a tool to help you: a tool like Lemlinks. Lemlinks can crawl every single page of your website and provide you with a link listing you can download, export and share with others across a wide range of platforms and utilities.

Once you have your list of links, you can begin to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the link profile you are presenting to Google, and work on building more valuable links while determining which not so great links you might want to disavow.

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You can make use of Lemlinks to discover and access the links to your competitors websites as well. But why should you bother doing that?

A competitor backlink analysis – that’s the formal term – is more useful than you might have ever realized. Running such an analysis aids in the development of your website’s digital strategy by allowing you to:

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